Vander's Thoughts

Vander's Thoughts

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lost Contact

Last week I thought I was being really smart by deleting my old email account from my phone. What I actually did was discover how fine the line is between being a genius and an idiot really is. I didn't realize that along with my email account I would be deletaing all of my contacts as well. D'OH!

I couldn't believe that all my contacts were gone in an instant. Some of those contacts were my only connection to friends and family (of course only those who aren't on Face Book). In a real sense I felt like I lost more then a contact, it felt like I lost a connection with someone I cared about. The moment I lost my contacts I was reminded of how important each of those people are to my life and still were.

I can't imagine my life without relationships, even the painful difficult ones remind me that relationships matter and there is a value in working through problems. You and I were created for relationships and when we loose a connection with someone a part of our past dies off. We may not see it as that, but that is exactly what happens.

Have you lost contact with someone that used to matter to you? Regardless of the past joy or pain of the relationship, right now would be the perfect time to call, reach out, email, text, do whatever you have to to reestablish the connection. The bible calls this reconciliation and it is our responsibility to make it happen. When we do we will find new life in a relationship that was dormant.

Thankfully I had previously backed up my files and was able to restore all of them, I hope you can do the same today, and with the real ones too.

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