Vander's Thoughts

Vander's Thoughts

Friday, October 8, 2010

Relational Reality

I was reminded the other day of a time when I met with a college student who had lost a friend to an accidental death. He was sad, he was broken hearted,he was experiencing loss and he was in mourning. The thing was, he never met this person face to face. He had developed a relationship with them over My Space and, just like in any relationship, was hopeful about the relationship enduring. When the relationship was suddenly over, he began suffering the affects. Now, I am big on face to face relationships and not an advocate for internet relationships, but who am I to say that internet wife hunting isn't practical. However, what I discovered in the process of helping my friend through this was regardless of the relational reality, all relationships are real.

I know that God is real. I can't prove it, but because of my faith in Him, he has proven himself to me. My relationship with God is as real as the relationship that I have with my wife, my family, and my friends. It doesn't matter what other people think about this relationship, I know it's real and that's all that matters.

What Relational Reality do you have with God? I hope it's as real as mine.

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