Vander's Thoughts

Vander's Thoughts

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


In my new city there are many routes to get home each day. Yesterday I needed to get home and change so that I could get back to pick someone up and I had 30 minutes to do it in. I live about 15 miles away from the church, so I sought out the advice of others to determine what was the fastest way to get there. After hearing all the options I choose the route in which I thought would give me the best outcome. Unfortunately I didn't factor in for traffic. So there I sat in particularly long line at a stop sign and what do I see? One of the guys I asked for advice passed through the intersection I was waiting at and he had left 15 minutes after me!

You never know when you'll be in traffic until it's too late and it always disrupts your plans. I don't know about you, but sometimes I need my plans disrupted because it reminds me that I'm not really in control. Traffic forces me to stop and surrender my timeline, my plans and my desires to the fact that I am not in control, but it also reminds me that God is in control and I need to seek him.

I love how The Message relays the truth of Psalm 27:4-5, "I'm asking God for one thing, only one thing: To live with him in his house my whole life long. I'll contemplate his beauty; I'll study at his feet. That's the only quiet, secure place in a noisy world, The perfect getaway, far from the buzz of traffic."

We may not be able to avoid traffic, but at least we can spend some time with God while were in it.

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