Vander's Thoughts

Vander's Thoughts

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Super Bowl?

In a few days we will watch the most important football game of the year. Over 100 million people will gather worldwide to watch the game. Cowboys Stadium itself will hold 80,000 in seats and an additional 30,000 standing to watch the greatest game of the year. With each person paying an average of $4500 per ticket! Man that’s super expensive to me.

With all that, I’m hearing just as much about the super-funny commercials, the super-entertaining Halftime Show and how to have a really super-Super Bowl party as the game itself. In fact pizza chains across America are gearing up to serve over 5 million super-delicious pizzas for the game. Oh don’t get me wrong, I’ll be watching the game, laughing at the commercials, anticipating the controversy of the Halftime Show and probably choking down one of those pizzas. I’m just saying that we can tag something as super and that doesn’t really guarantee anything. Makes me think what makes something super anyways?

Think of all the ways we use super as a prefix. We have superhighways and supertankers, supermarkets and supersized meals, Superman and Super Mario. Expressing they are in some way greater than everything else comparable. So with that, the term super really means to be greater than everything else. And being considered great is usually associated with accomplishment, and accomplishment is usually associated with recognition and of course recognition is always associated with fame.

But Jesus, the real super-Man, turned this understanding of greatness upside down, literally. He said that if you want to be remembered as great than you must become less than everyone. Not super, but servant. Greatness is God’s eye is not associated with what accomplishments we make as much as it is about the impact we have on others. Why? Because like the Super Bowl, life on this earth will one day end, but eternity (a super-long time) lasts forever. Therefore what we do today matters for all time.

If you want to win in the Super Bowl life, you need super-natural wisdom.

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